Have you ever taken a look at a web site and thought, "What were they thinking?" or "That design technique hasn't been used since 1998?" I've seen plenty of them and I want to help get rid of them.

There are plenty of bad web page generators that claim "No need to learn a bit of HTML" Not all WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors are created equally. Many add so much additional code to the page that it gets weighed down, loads slowly for your viewers, and becomes impossible to edit except in their product.

My solution is to create the page using three basic elements and one tool*:

My pages don't incorporate a lot of eye candy, but they load quickly, stress content, and are intuitive to use.

*Although these are my building blocks, I have recently begun to use WordPress as an alternative for clients who would like to be able to maintain their own content.

Check the FluteBrarian's Random Musings (i.e., blog) for information on web site creation ideas as well as insights on other activities of the FluteBrarian.

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